Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Religion and State..

Almost never in recent history has there been a more worrisome mixing of religion and state in our national politics what with the likes of George Romney or Mike Huckabee especially..

There is much punditry and verbosity in this regard but to date I have not yet heard any of these so called experts make reference to the most succinct and pertinent quote made as to the church and state and this was made by Jesus of Nazareth Himself when He said:

"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's..!"

This was Christ's great admonition for the ages and also to those who tried to trap Him in this regard as the Gospel's tell us..

It was a warning from Jesus to them knowing the fate that awaited The Temple the center of their nation and culture as a people..

Remember it was Jesus who was the first of all Jews to weep over the loss of the Temple on the Mount of Olives...

He knew that for the Jews of that day or for us as a nation mixing what is meant for God must be free of the corruption of all politics then or today 2,000 years later..

Jesus knew that their zealotry and those who would use religion to control the people were acting from their own interests and not the Creator of all things..

Our Founding Fathers learned from their own recent history of the harm mixing Religion and the State begets, only misery hatred division and blasphemy..

It cheapens faith and fosters resentment of Religion, all religion and undermines and ill serves the people and egalitarianism of the State..

This is the best argument against this great error and abuse of God's realm, which is to be a place of solace for the individual from the toil of their lives the insecurity of it and also from the state and it's eternal abuses..of which our Founding Fathers were aware and designed our system to protect us from, and these barriers they constructed to protect us are now being torn down the checks and balances and also the separation of church and state..

Jefferson said: "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility for every tyranny over the mind of man..!"

There is no greater tyranny over the mind of man then by and through religion, it is the final firewall so to speak that our rights come not from the state, but are inalienable from our Creator and the state cannot must not and may not intercede in that relationship between the individual and his Creator or to choose to avoid such due to their own Free Will..

Remember Jefferson also said:

"Ours is not a system based upon trust, but one of suspicion..!"

This is a reference directly to our three equal branches, equal branches, and the checks and balances our Founders installed to put check upon the "eternal abuses" of government all government especially the Chief Executive who was not meant to be "Unitary" in any manner especially if this Executive invokes Religion..

It is our responsibility as citizens our Founders believed to be suspicious of our government and our leaders and in specific those leaders who attempt to use religion to gain political power or govern through it's employment..

Be suspicious, ever more suspicious of any candidate or leader who repeatedly invokes religion for most of us, now know they believe they know better than Jesus Himself in this regard, and that is blasphemy, and they are usurpers and hypocrites and heretics..the same as those who condemned Jesus to the cross..

"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and Unto God that which is God's..!"

Simple as that..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

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