Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Rutherford Institute - Commentary

The Rutherford Institute - Commentary: Is the American Empire facing collapse..? Are we as a nation and people going the way of Rome as others not just this author has proposed..? The National Debt after these years of Republican plunder of our Treasury and huge wasteful debt creation for the benefit of so few, is now nearly just short of $9 Trillion dollars, that's just shy of $30,000 dollars for each and every American and there is no end in sight..

If we were to Nationalize our Oil Industry and all Energy imagine how we could cut the cost of everything, not just energy across the board benefiting all Americans not just the uber rich elite as Bushenomics has, as well as creating an economic boom and also securing our democracy and Republic and National Security in the 21st century..and beyond..!

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